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Weight Loss Combo

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Weight loss solution for excellent results. Noni juice increases metabolism and nitric acid so the body now starts to burn the fat cells and Wheat Grass provides the necessary nutrients and reduces food craving resulting in definite weight loss.



This super weight loss combo is a must if you are looking for weight loss. While Noni juice boosts up your metabolism and produces Nitric acid, which starts to feed on the fat cells of the body, Wheat grass powder itself is a nutrient dense food for the body and it provides necessary nutrients and makes you feel filled.

Reduced craving for food definitely helps you loose weight.

3 reviews for Weight Loss Combo

  1. Priti Patel

    Taking this for now 20 days and I have lost 1 Kgs.

    Thank you Ayuristic!. Will surely recommend to everyone.

  2. Veena Sharma

    Tried so many products but this one is simply great. Yippee I lost weight.

    Please do try this guys. It works.

  3. Nandita Apte

    I gained after my pregnancy. Was unable to reduce as not able to exercise due to my busy office schedule. Came across this product. Tried it and found it to be effective.

    The dresses I discarded I can wear them again.

    Thank you Ayuristic!

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