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Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) – 60 ml

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Ayuristic CMD is a revolutionary product, as it helps our body to absorb proper nutrients from our intake. It contains the purest form of minerals and protects our body from various diseases, by helping the body maintain a healthy metabolism, it strengthens the core structure of the body and gives us stronger teeth, bones etc.  And it is a great anti ageing.

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Ayuristic Concentrated Mineral drop is an amazingly incredible product. This product supports our body against innumerable diseases. Intestine absorbs ionically charged minerals, which is what CMD provides to the body. It contains the purest form of minerals and is extremely important for body to help it absorb nutrients from the food.


  • Immunity booster
  • Facilitates the transmission of micro-electrical impulses in our nervous system
  • Acts as catalyst in the formation of new blood cells
  • Increases body’s metabolism
  • Strengthens the structure of our bodies by giving us stronger teeth, bones, nails, etc.
  • Combats ageing process


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