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Ayuristic 5 Tulsi – 30 ml

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Ayuristic 5 Tulsi is naturally rich in Vitamin C and Zinc and is extremely good for human body. It increases our body resistance against diseases by strengthening our immune system. Besides helping us fight common cold and flu, it also protects us against fever and it manages our blood pressure and sugar levels. A must have for the family.

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Tulsi or Basil is a nature’s blessing. Ayuristic brings to you the top benefits of the selected five different kinds in the name of 5 Tulsi, so you get best of every kind.

5 Tulsi is extremely important for us and is naturally rich in Vitamin C and Zinc, which the reason why it has been used for millenia for its benefits reach far beyond curing common cold and flu. It is highly effective in curing chronic diseases too.


  • It is a super immunity booster
  • It helps control blood pressure and it reduces stress
  • It has anti cancer properties
  • Useful in fighting diabetes.
  • It is good for hair and skin
  • It is very good for heart health

3 reviews for Ayuristic 5 Tulsi – 30 ml

  1. Vani Sinah

    The product is very good. Purchased it from these people and could find it is best. Earlier used it from three other companies but could not find them upto the mark.

    I will recommend to others as well this product.

  2. Nemu Das

    I ordered this along with Weight Loss product. I put these drops in my tea whenever I take it. It is very effective. Very cost effective and natural.

  3. Veena Sharma

    My Ayurvedic doctor asked me to take Tulsi every day to improve my immune system. Tried many times to plant Tulsi in my house but that did not work. Purchased the Tulsi drops from a local shop but when we started taking it we found it is synthetic.

    On Amazon came across Ayuristic and purchased it . Received it in just 3 days post order. It is completely natural and now our entire family has starting putting drops in tea and coffee every day. We feel much energetic and fresh. Our digestion system has also improved.

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