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  • Ayuristic Diabe Care Combo

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    Diabe Care Combo is the result of years of experience of our experts. This combination of herbs, known for ages to be beneficial in managing blood sugar levels. It gives desirous results and is super beneficial for people looking for a solution with Diabetes. Extracts of Neem, Jamun Beej, Karela, Bel Patra, Gudmar, Methi are definite to help get rid/manage  Diabetes.

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  • Ayuristic Super Immunity Wall

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    Ayuristic Super Immunity Wall offers for you and your family a strong wall of immunity. With its regular use keep away hundreds of diseases. Precaution is better than cure. So we believe building the immune system before hand is far better than gulping medicines. This combo, rich in Vitamin C and Zinc, offers protection against bacterial, viral and fungal infections, reduces stress, fights cough and cold and is extremely good for skin and hair

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  • Hair Fall Combo by Ayuristic Ayurvedic and Natural


    Hair fall Combo comes with Amla juice and Concentrated Mineral Drops. It works at the root cause of the hair problems. The combo ensures supplies of necessary nutrients and amino acids to the scalp and roots. Amla juice provides nourishment to hair follicles. CMD corrects the mineral imbalance in the body, one of the main causes of Hair loss. As a result, it improves hair health. Therefore, helping you attain the desired results in improving overall hair health and hair fall.

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  • Weight Loss Combo | Natural and Steady | Ayuristic

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    Weight loss combo is solution for Body weight problems. Noni juice increases metabolism and balances nitric acid. The body starts to burn the fat cells, as a result. Wheat Grass powder provides the necessary nutrients. It reduces food craving, resulting in natural weight loss.

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