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  • Diabe Care Combo

    763.00 687.00

    Diabe Care Combo is the result of years of experience of our experts. This combination of herbs, known for ages to be beneficial in managing blood sugar levels. It gives desirous results and is super beneficial for people looking for a solution with Diabetes. Extracts of Neem, Jamun Beej, Karela, Bel Patra, Gudmar, Methi are definite to help get rid/manage  Diabetes.

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  • Hair Loss Combo by Ayuristic

    1,223.00 1,101.00

    The combo assures necessary nutrients to the scalp and the roots of the hair, and supplies all required minerals and amino acids to the scalp. This magical combination of Amla and Concentrated minerals provides nourishment to hair follicles. CMD corrects the imbalance of minerals in the body which is recognized to be the most common cause of hair fall.

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  • Super Detox Combo

    598.00 539.00

    This combo flushes toxins out the body important for rejuvination. Detox is an important step for the upkeep and maintainance of the whole body, it keeps you safe from many dieases and builds immunity.

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  • Super Immunity Combo

    744.00 632.00

    Ayuristic super immunity combo ensures great immunity for you and your family to keep you safe aga inst Cough, Cold, fever, Sore throat, viral infections, ill effects of pollution. Get rid of the trouble we faced every time weather changed with the fear of falling ill. Investment in prevention is better than cure.

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  • Vitality & Vigour Combo – For Men

    1,605.00 1,445.00

    Like a magic wand this combo brings to you a healthy, happy and enjoyable sexual life. It addresses problems like lack of stamina, erectile dysfunction and pre-mature ejaculation. Supports elevated mood and boosts your stamina and athletics to make you last longer and it provides relief from inflammation and pain

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  • Weight Loss Combo

    1,074.00 967.00

    Weight loss solution for excellent results. Noni juice increases metabolism and nitric acid so the body now starts to burn the fat cells and Wheat Grass provides the necessary nutrients and reduces food craving resulting in definite weight loss.

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