Ayurveda- is there a Downside?

It is next to impossible to find something that is in absolute perfection. Ayurveda seemed to be falling in the category, so I thought of finding the flaws in this ancient pseudoscientific stream. It is believed to have been taught straight by the incarnation of Lord Vishnu- Dhanvantari in Varanasi and through the succeeding disciples like Acharya Charaka, Ayurveda was made to flow throughout the social structure of the time and was later bound in the ancient texts, in a way it was made a part of daily lives of people.

What was it that made it spread around India and outside and made it stay alive for so long? It definitely has to be a strong reason. Imagine in the days doctors or modern science did not exist, a man due to some accident losses his nose and is bleeding, definite to die. This person is taken to a Saint teacher who not only saves his life but reaffixes his nose performing possibly the earliest surgical procedure. Worth noting is the point that there were no narcotics or sedatives available like in the modern times today. They had their own ways of achieving it, and it has to be with the herbs available and the knowledge of its effect on a human body. Ayurveda as mentioned earlier has been in existence for a few millennia.

Ayurveda the downside is that it is extremely slow a procedure, one has to be constantly associated with the herbs and shrubs in nature, for a long time to get the cure of some disease. But wait, we are talking about getting the disease cured and not just the symptoms, I believe that modern Allopathic medicines, deludes us to be curing the disease instead most of the times it only subsides the symptoms. Seems like this disadvantage is turning out to be on the positive side, I personally would rather prefer to get the cure for a disease in the body even if it takes time than putting the symptoms of it aside temporarily.

Let’s now try and understand how this concept of Ayurveda works?

Ayurveda treats the human body to be a part of the nature like the rest of the things around us. Consider our body to be made up of five elements of nature Air, Water, fire, Earth and Sky and its base is the Doshas or the qualities Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. Now when there is interaction of the body with the external elements like Food intake, weather conditions, Natural instincts like anger etc, this interaction affects the balance of Vatha, Pitha and kapha, if this equation moves towards an imbalance, it mostly results in some sort of disease. This is where Ayurveda interferes and tries to correct that imbalance through mediums like intake of other exactly opposite component from nature to get the equation back to balance. Which like a seed is sown and it take time to become a tree, takes time. But then it corrects not only the disease that started showing up the symptoms but with it all the other problems that were to arise because of that imbalance of the three Doshas. So in short with the correct intake of the right things provided by nature to counter the problems that arise due to the imbalance we are ought to fall in, in the modern life style, can be corrected if we show some patience with it. The outcome I think is negative, as there is no negative as of now I am able to highlight of Ayurveda, instead I am now more keen and inclined to learn more about the practice.

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